Does your current CRM system need to work harder for you?


We’ll automate your processes for better business performance.

Your CRM should provide you with essential business intelligence and marketing automation. We’ll help you analyse your data, revise your CRM strategy and deliver automated processes for increased productivity, personalisation and profits.

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Your CRM should be at the heart of your customer management strategy, recording all touchpoints and building a repository of analytical data will empower you to make well informed, data-driven business decisions.

Do you find yourself generally satisfied with your CRM, yet notice the absence of certain features, encounter occasional clunkiness or observe a lack of user engagement? Do you feel you’re not getting a dynamic enough suite of reports and yearn for the system to provide you with greater confidence in decision making? Then our development service is precisely what you’ve been searching for.

  • The Discovery Call: A chance for you to share your dreams and frustrations, and for us to start to understand your business model in the context of our expertise.
  • The CRM and Data Management Consultation: In this immersive session we’ll explore your development aspirations, baseline your current systems, and gather all the information required to prepare an accurate proposal.
  • The Proposal: We'll send a carefully prepared proposal and book a follow-up meeting to talk it through with you. We'll walk you through every detail and explain how we’ve aligned our methodology with your goals.
  • Getting Started: From mapping the relevant customer journeys, gathering all your key requirements, and conducting market research, your dedicated project managers will get started on setting up a solid foundation for your CRM development and provide detailed reports throughout.
  • Implementation: Including everything from system design, user customisation, integrations, technical support, report design, data migration and compliance - our team will be there every step of the way to bring your system development to life.
  • Testing and Training: We will test all aspects of the development including data flows, access, user journeys, customer interaction and so on. We will provide training sessions to up-skill your team and ensure on-going success in using your system.
  • Continual Support: We won’t just leave you there, we can work with you on an ongoing strategic basis to ensure your CRM system is always being improved and managed in line with changing business conditions and objectives.
  • “Dynamic, attentive and highly professional. Their CRM selection service saved me countless hours of frustrating research, and their marketplace report presented information in a way which made it easy to compare options related to my business needs. The implementation was extremely well managed, and the team worked hard to ensure my e-commerce website integrated beautifully.”

    Sue Searle, Ecology Training UK Ltd.

  • “These guys are methodical and detailed, a very safe pair of hands and a great resource to know when implementing more sophisticated systems. Would highly recommend.”

    Ben Stirling, Made with Maturity Ltd.

  • CRM Champion is an inclusive and diverse employer that supports students and new graduates to flourish at the early stage of their careers. The team are dedicated professionals who actively engage with the university to create meaningful opportunities that supports growth on all sides.

    Andrea Hodges, Employment Schemes Manager, University of Exeter

  • The CRM Champion team provided expert guidance in mapping our CRM requirements to meet BIT Group objectives including our BIT Training and BIT Security divisions. The team’s insightful approach, analytic mindset and industry expertise created us a phased approach to achieving CRM success. Highly recommended.

    Sam Snowdon, Chief Marketing Officer, BIT Group

  • “[They] were brilliant at pinpointing what our needs were, they produced a thorough marketplace report and as a result we have adopted a CRM system which has totally changed our way of working and made our lives so much easier.”

    Lucy Thomas, Linggard and Thomas Accountants Ltd.

  • “[They] were instrumental in leading a challenging CRM project – taking time to understand our business and helping us to become more profitable.”

    Henry Massey, Clystnet Ltd

  • “CRM Champion were instrumental in getting us organised and working effectively…their strong work ethic and deep knowledge will bring any project to fruition.”

    GR, Airport Direct Travel Ltd.